Frequently Asked Questions

The website is updated on an as needed basis and the land listed on the website is what is currently offered.

The University allows a wide range of permitted activities and casual use on its lands.  Casual use examples are individuals hiking, berry picking, mushroom harvesting, etc... For more information or questions please contact us.

The University is exploring the option of offering hunting permits on select University lands. 

 No, homesteading is a State of Alaska program.
Yes, depending on where you would like to mine and any restrictions on the land. Please contact us here.
At this time the firewood permit and the land use application fee are the only online options.  We are continually updating and improving our website.

Land Sales Program

Currently UA Land does not offer financing for sales of its land.

The University offers land for sale on cash purchase terms and conditions. Cash purchases require that the entire balance of the purchase price be paid at the time of closing. The buyer is free to obtain financing from an outside source. The 污鱼社 no longer offers financing for land it sells. 

If you currently have a University loan, it cannot be assumed by a new buyer. The University loan must be paid in full.   

The offer form is located as the last 2 pages of of the terms and conditions which is linked on each page of the land sale listings.

1. You will want to review the terms & conditions on the land sale listing page. 
2. The offer form is the last 2 pages of the terms & conditions, you will fill this out in its entirety. Make sure to add the complete parcel number, your mailing address, and an email address for each person who will be signing the Purchase Agreement if the offer is accepted.
3. Deposit: Ensure you have a *cashiers check or money order to mail in with the offer or arrange to pay the deposit via a wire transfer. Please contact Land Management for Wire Transfer information. Deposit amount required varies and is contained within the terms & conditions.
4. Mail in the offer with correct deposit following the Submit Offer instructions in the terms and conditions to the Anchorage Office. 
5. Once the University receives an offer, these are reviewed per the requirements of the terms & conditions.
6. A response letter will be mailed and/or emailed to offeror and if accepted a Purchase Sale Agreement (PSA) will also be enclosed. 
7. Once all parties sign the PSA, Land Management staff will request a title report. The timeline for this varies and is difficult to predict.
8. Once all parties have received the title report, everyone should review. Once Land Management staff hears from the buyer that they accept the title report, staff can begin working on closing documents. 
9. At the point the buyers accept the title report, the buyer is expected to mail in the remaining balance and closing costs in the form of *cashiers check or money order* or a wire transfer. Please contact Land Management for Wire Transfer information.
10. Once the final payment is received & deposited, Land Management staff will have the deed signed & recorded. After recording the deed is emailed to the buyer and the originally signed deed is mailed to the buyer as well.

The website's listed price is the minimum fair market value (FMV) price the University will accept. Land Management will not accept any offers below the listed price.

Yes, you may walk the property as long as this action does not interfere with the university鈥檚 use or the management of such real property.
The timeline for closing a land sale has many known and unknown variables, but our goal is to close the sales within 90 days.
At this time the 污鱼社, Land Management does not accept credit cards for land sale payments. However we do accept wire transfers, please contact Land Management staff for wire instructions.
Anyone 18 years and older can purchase land for sale 污鱼社. There no other limitations.